Slimey Depths - counter pack firey Dragon

Slimey Depths - counter pack firey Dragon - Ref(4362) - Full review here
Big, thick, hardback, good cover...... Well, so far so good. I was expecting a quality publication, at the usual high production standards of White Wolf, but could they match Wizards? First glance, no. The book is black and white throughout, with line drawings (and the occasional halftone) that are not up to the recent standards set by the Wizards team. But art is only half of it. More importantly, what are the creatures like? First, lets remember this sourcebook is aimed specifically at the fantasy world of Scarn, known as the Scarred Lands. Then, lets remember that the D&D3E Monster Manual covers most of your standards, from Orcs and Goblins to Dragons and Demons. What we end up with are many new and interesting creatures tied quite closely to a specific milieu, but with enough depth to drop into most fantasy settings.
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